Beauty Post: Benefit Beauty Skin Care‏ Review

As a gin-soaked party girl with a love of worshipping the sun where possible, I don’t really take time to care for my complexion.

Cue a package from Benefit Cosmetics with some Refined Finished Facial Polish and Triple Performing Facial Emulsion…

The real beauty is in the packaging. Mint greens, pacific blues, chic cork lids…It made me think motionless seas, delicate seashells, undisturbed stones and budding greenery of a Kew-terraced garden.

Benefits Facial Polish is a dream. Beautifully brightening my complexion, purifying my skin with nutrients, sugars and seaweed. The Facial Emulsion is oil free, reveals natural radiance and has left me line-less and silky smooth.

P1060401 P1060403 P1060404 P1060412 P1060423 P1060426 P1060429

Foodie Post: The Great Gatsby Pop Up at Harrods

Last night I got to paint the town red, roaring 20s style, at the launch party for Harrods popup Great Gatsby bar.

To celebrate the release of upcoming film The Great Gatsby. The Twenties-themed space will be open to store visitors from May 9 to 20.

Inspired by Baz Lurhmann’s take on the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic novel, the pop-up bar will allow customers to “hark back to the lavish entertaining and unmistakable glamour of the roaring Twenties”.

The store’s underground Tasting Room and Wine Shop will be transformed with art-deco décor, and theatrical cocktail-making demonstrations will take place at the main bar throughout the day. Customers will be able to buy bespoke cocktails created by mixologists from Courvoisier, Hendrick’s, Johnnie Walker, and Martini.

Last night, we stepped back in time, under London’s most famous department store, enjoying the live jazz in the underground fine wine room treated to six Hendrick’s gin cocktails, expertly created by master-mixologist James Anderson.

Great Gatsby Cocktail Bar 9 – 20 May at Harrods Tasting Room and Wine Shop

Customer Ticketed Event 7pm to 9pm on 10 May, £50pp, 020 7893 8777

Foodie Post: Caorunn Gin Review


Going back to work on a beautifully sunny day, after a typically temperamentally-weathered bank holiday, is painful enough – without my desk having to overlook smug Shoreditch House sun bathers…


But then the rain came down! And the East London sun-worshipers retreated! Haha!

And thanks to the lovely makers of Coarunn Scottish gin, I thought a Wet Tuesday should become a Dry gin moment.

Caorunn gin 14.jpg Caorunn gin 12.jpg

Coarunn gin is a dry and crisp, aromatic taste adventure.

  • One part heritage
  • One part inspiration
  • One part Celtic
  • One part expertise
  • One part modernity

This crystal clear long crisp flavoured gin is balanced by clean, sweet blushing apples, sharp, distinctive dandelion and piquant red berries.

Rosy relishes form the very soul of Caorunn and warm the very soul of my spirit-starved start to the week.

Thinking classing gin drinkers, 1920s prohibition, and ancient Scottish wild life with generations of use as medi-GIN in Celtic cultures, I was inspired to shoot the below, before sipping slowing to starve off the rain.

Caorunn gin 5.jpg Caorunn gin 3.jpg   Caorunn gin  10 .jpg Caorunn gin 5.jpg Caorunn gin  10 .jpg Caorunn gin 5.jpg Caorunn gin 3.jpg

Caorunn gin 3.jpg


Foodie Post: The Hoxton Pony Hoxton Gin Review

NEVER turn down an invitation to try Hoxton gin at The Hoxton Pony!

WARNING! This gin contains grapefruit and coconut – an exquisite accompaniment to ginger ale and cranberry.

Sinking back countless Collins’ on Thursday night, in my right ear was gin-infused-guidance-counselling from fabulous femme fatale miss and in my left ear was expert charm schooling from ‘s gorgeous Hoxton-hostest-with-the-mostest…keeping my tall tumbler totally topped up.

Great girls. Great night.

Inspired by ‘s new pony print party pieces, I packed my saddlebag of equestrian essentials, creating: Collins’ cocktails canter couture collision…




Beauty Post: L’Oreal Nail Polish Review 2

Spiffy spoons, stylish stones, posey postcards and compliment cactuses….In a County Desert Garden.

loreal art blog bianca capstick 7


Wednesday was a gorgeous morning, sun-soaking radiance and warmth onto my modest Kew balcony (with stunning views of the residents’ car park – although you can see the Thames when you stand on your tip toes)…

And so, with spring FINALLY peeping through London’s compassionate-less clouds – thanks to the lovely ladies at L’Oreal I got to thinking about manicures and pedicures for when I finally flash my tooties!!…(From the bottom of my black skinnies!… Let’s not get too optimistic)

loreal art blog bianca capstick loreal art blog bianca capstick 12 loreal art blog bianca capstick 11jpeg loreal art blog bianca capstick 10

These hues are so inspiring, I didn’t get round to beautifying myself….

Instead I livened up the lifeless things around me.

loreal art blog bianca capstick 9 loreal art blog bianca capstick 8jpeg loreal art blog bianca capstick 7 loreal art blog bianca capstick 6

L’Oreal’s juicy summer nail polish colours bring a murmur of mirage to parched desert stones, neon-exposed holiday snaps, Egyptian earrings, gaudy glasses, thirsty cactuses and course-wooden coasters into a to a life of their own – where desolate dessert memorabilia can meet shining summers and a little London-centric whimsical woodland.

loreal art blog bianca capstick 4  loreal art blog bianca capstick 2jpeg loreal art blog bianca capstick 1