Listen to your body | Feed your soul

Listen to your body | Feed your soul

Hip n healthy honey and Founder of ROOTED London, Pandora Paloma is a smart, switched on and soulful London-based yoga teacher and food coach encouraging the next generation of wellness warriors to listen to our bodies and feel our souls with the first in a series of ROOTED Intuitive Eating and Self-love healing workshops.

The first of its kind, ROOTED’s: INTUITIVE EATING AND SELF-LOVE HEALING WORKSHOP begs the questions….

When did we start focusing solely on what we were eating, and forgetting why we eat the diet we do?

When did body image become only our size?

When did we lose the ability to love ourselves unconditionally?

…Aiming to workshop the answers using a mix of yoga, breathe work, self-love and healing tools, cookery demos and intuitive eating, at Blank 100, De Beauvoir Rd, N1 4EN this Saturday (8th April).

No yoga experience is needed – and food tolerances are catered for – during these four hours (11:00am – 3pm) of bliss, connecting to our deeper intuition, our bodies, and to find true self-love.



If it sounds overly-Ommm think again. This is a constructive workshop, where guests can learn tools to use over and over again, plus learn a little bit more about why we eat the foods we do and the importance of the relationship we have with our diet, perfect for anyone who…

–  want to build a happier relationship with food
– want to connect to their intuition on a deeper level
– want to find room for a little more self-love
– quite simply love yoga and food
– want to learn more about a plant-based diet
– wants to take time out for some me time
– I could go on….


Frustrated with the lack of health advice that felt real and balanced, Pandora retrained as a naturopathic nutritionist and yoga teacher and in 2013, launched ROOTED with a view to get people eating better, and moving more.

Pandora’s philosophy is ‘listen to your body and feed your soul’. Her aim is to get people off endless dieting and jumping on the next green fad bandwagon and instead, adopt an approach to diet and lifestyle with balance, appreciation and enjoyment. Her passion is to drive people to feel and experience a deeper mind and body connection, from what they put in your body to how they move. Specialising in intuitive eating, she focuses less on what we are eating, and more on why, looking at our relationship with food on a deeper level.



4 hours of pure bliss to include:

10.45am – meet and greet

11.00am – self-love yoga flow session

11.45am – opening ceremony – self-love healing

12.15pm – finding your intuition workshop

1.15pm – intuitive eating – cooking workshop

2.30pm – closing ceremony

3.00pm – finish