Balanced bling || Jewellery with meaning from Daisy London

For my sister, Natalia, and ALL the sisters…

I don’t know about you, but I am really enjoying the chill in the air at the moment…

…Don’t get me wrong, I am the ultimate sun-worshipper, but after a good dose of vitamin D in Portugal earlier this month, I’m totally happy to slip into Autumn’s amber and gold leaf-strewn landscape, and feel the fresh frosty air kiss my nose and fingertips as canal walks from Hackney through to Islington become the order of the day.

Everything is crisp and cosy. And as it should be. And these familiar chills in the air, and return of pumpkin lattes listed on coffee shop blackboards, has turned my mind to Christmas, and how quickly the last year has flown by.

 Last Christmas….

I have a huge family, as does Jamie; so thoughts of Christmas inevitably evolve to thoughts of Christmas shopping, which for the pair of us is no mean feat – but no matter what, my priority is always to ensure I have the most thoughtful treats sorted for my mum and sister.

It’s been just the three of us for most of my life. This spiritual duo are my lifeline and while Christmas is not about the gifts, it is about the giving; making the festive season the time to spoil and thank them for errrrrthang.

My sister and I haven’t seen that much of each other in recent years, so last Christmas I particularly wanted to give her a gift that showed her how much I love her – I was thinking a necklace – striking the balance between being a beautiful piece of jewellery, with heart and soul behind it.

Cue the discovery of Daisy London – Designer of the iconic Chakra bracelet, Daisy London is known for its wellness focused jewellery and contemporary designs.

With collections inspired by Eastern philosophy, good karma, and of course classic British daisies, as well as limited edition designs from celebrity collaborators, Daisy London is a range of meaningful pieces that add a personalised touch to your style. – Each in silver, gold and rose gold.

I went straight for the Chakra collection. My sister (Natalia) and I have grown up under our mum’s spiritual guidance, so books on the Chakra’s, Reiki sessions on the sofa and crystal healing for everything* are part of our make up – so it felt natural and right to honour our upbringing in a significant way. 

*To note, I definitely didn’t appreciated how amazing it is to have a mum like ours enough until the last couple of years when I began delving into the chakras, as part of my yoga training…

I chose the 18ct rose gold Heart Chakra (Anahata) necklace for Natalia, and opted for an 18” chain so that it sat right at the heart centre.

Just like Natalia, the heart Chakra stands for love, compassion and altruism, emotionally connected with love, self-control and forgiveness – and striving towards acceptance of self and others.

And I suppose I want her to know that I have nothing but unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance towards her, so as well as being a beautiful necklave, it seemed like a fitting gift.

Needless to say she loved it as much as I loved giving it to her…

This year…

…I’ve been eyeing up Daisy’s Chakra range ever since, wondering when I would justify treating myself to a few pieces – namely the Throat Chakra necklace (Vishuddi); a choice I had somehow managed to convince my was nothing more than based on the design, rather than being especially connected to Vishuddi Chakra.

However, the further I dive into my yoga practice, I’ve come to learn that Vishuddi is a chakra I’m totally connected with.

Vishuddi is the blue wheel of energy at our throat, connected with communication and truth.

When I’m happy I sing non-stop, tell the people I love just how much I love them, talk to strangers and really find my voice when teaching a class.

Anyone who has taken one of my classes or seen my practice will know it’s a feminine, fluid flow with a lots of movement and space created in the hips – the physical body part associated with Vishuddi (as well as the throat of course – but there aren’t many pose that work the throat) and the element water.

I’m a total water baby, seeking out the sea and craving being by the waves when I need to heal and when I ‘m having fun (Vishuddi is the blue wheel of energy – like water) so perhaps there is more in my choice piece of jewellery than I first thought…

Since treating myself to the rose gold Vishuddi necklace, I have been in touch with the lovely ladies at Daisy London, who (amazingly!) interviewed me for their Blog

It’s been amazing to work with a brand that I love so much so head over to their site, a read if you fancy, and maybe make a Christmas wish list while you’re there – or pick a pressie for someone you love…. It’s not really that long until 25th December after all…..

n a m a s t e


Marrakesh: The Spa Experience, Royal Mansour Hotel

Light, Purity, Stillness..

“Some secrets are for whispering,” speaks luxury Royal Mansour Hotel’s mantra; however it may not come as a surprise that the magnificent 5* hotel, built at the behest of King Mohammed VI of Morocco, is a gorgeously rich haven in the heart of Marrakech, most definitely worth shouting about.

Tucked within the city walls, sharing a perfectly kempt private road with the famed La Mamounia, the 3.5-hectare site has been designed as a sort of medina-within-the-medina, housing 53 terracotta-coloured private riads, with gorgeously rich interiors, calm surroundings, lingered with the heady, mysterious scent of cedar wood.


The riads are truly sumptuous, tranquil spaces, traditionally centred round a cooling water feature under an open sky above. The settings go beyond the hallmarks of hedonistic extravagance, with private rooftop Berber tents glistening in either sunlight or flecked Arabian candle lights, with the larger riads boasting private dining rooms for potent jasmine scented evenings, and plunge pools to cool down from the African sun.

Lobby 001

We were patiently guided past the labyrinth of palm-shaded houses, each individually decorated and serviced via a network of subterranean tunnels, and fragrant Moorish gardens to the stately bronze doors of the Royal Mansour Spa.


Set in a leafy courtyard, bathed in sparkling flecks of natural light dancing through its beautiful white lattice interior; the Royal Mansour Spa is a stunning hand-crafted space set in impressive glazed pavilion encircled by a moat.

On arrival, under calming sunlight you will be greeted with a glass of sweet Moroccan mint tea and the smell of orchids, placed carefully around the reception area.

the royal mansour marrakech hammam view from above

The Royal Mansour Spa houses 13 treatment rooms, including three private spa suites, with treatments ranging from ancient, holistic rituals using all-natural local products, and authentic hammams – a signature bathing ritual that combines hot saunas, fragranced steam and cold plunge pools to revitalize the body and soul; through to the latest advances in anti-ageing facials, manicures, pedicures and a hair salon offering a full range of treatments.

You are also able to use the indoor swimming pool, Watsu bath area and fitness center.

We visited this peaceful haven after an afternoon of haggling our way through the souks in 30 degrees of sunshine, opting to swim languid laps in the cool waters of the indoor pool, followed with a utterly sumptuous full body massage.

Our truly unforgetable experience began with lazy backstroke in the “indoor,” pool. Housed in an impressive glass atrium, although technically an indoor space, your swim benefits by being basqued in natural sunlight, shadowed only by a vibrant and colourful canopy of orange trees.

As though in some heavenly and Utopian parallel universe, the only disturbances to our swim were the ripples of water and visits from benign butterflies, fluttering down from said orange trees to take respite on your limbs.

Contrary to popular belief, spas – including luxury spas, are not just a flight of fancy, or an expensive over-indulgence; holistic massages and ancient treatments such as Hammams are about taking stock, rebooting, rebuilding, and why not take some time on holiday to check yourself into a soul asylum.


Therefor our process of relaxation continued with a total escape within the sumptuous confines of the light infused white trellised spa – a palace in its own right. Having completed a form stating a preference of leaving The Royal Mansour feeling invigorated, purified, regenerated or relaxed, we were guided away for 60-minute long tailor made Moroccan deep tissue massages, with focus on treating problem areas.

Begining with a foot scrub, followed by 3 deep lavender inhalations, expect to be gently kneaded into a limb-loosening pressure point back massage using argan oil to deeply penetrate and work away knots and tension and relax the back.

The blissful, expert treatment culminates in a light aroma foot, hand, head and scalp massage for relaxation, a hot, oily shower and time to tranquilize in individual relaxation pods, with a silver tray of mint tea and Moroccan pastries.

indoor spa pool at the royal mansour marrakech

The Royal Mansour Spa also offers reflexology, balneotherapy, sea algae wraps and therapeutic massage.

The Royal Mansour is in the heart of the media: See map here

Royal Mansour Marrakech

Rue Abou Abbas El Sebti, Marrakech 40000 Morocco

5km (15min) from Marrakech Menara Airport (RAK)